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a key to success

Most of my social media presence is business-related, and I look for topics to help entrepreneurs succeed. Being organized is a recognized key to success. Lack of organization can cause an entrepreneur to be late for important appointments and possibly miss crucial deadlines. Missed opportunities can lead to stress and a decline in mental health for the entrepreneur. Specifically, clutter causes less efficient thinking and visual processing. For the entrepreneur, this can lead to slower processing of information and difficulty recognizing the social cues of clients. Disorganization can equal disaster for the entrepreneur, especially when trying to grow an audience. A clutter-free desk is one way to combat the disorganization challenge. The Container Store can assist the entrepreneur in decluttering their desk and getting organized to present for everyday tasks. 

the container store on Pinterest

The Container Store on Pinterest showcases its ability to assist everyone to stay on track for success with its office organization systems. Their Pinterest boards are organized in an easy-to-find fashion, which speaks volumes for their brand. It is all about creative ways to organize a room, after all.

Each created board highlights a particular room in a home or office needing organizational attention. The Container Store’s Pinterest profile shows which item can handle a specific task, which can open the entrepreneur’s problem-solving mind. Entrepreneurs are incredible at finding uses for everyday items in unimaginable ways. As an entrepreneur myself, I can spend hours in a store and on their Pinterest profile.

There is no doubt The Container Store is all about helping people find creative ways to get organized. Its Pinterest profile successfully takes its customers on an organizational journey online as it does in a store. If an entrepreneur needs a way to organize their technology accessories? The Container Store on Pinterest has that neatly organized in a Tech Accessories Board. Does the entrepreneur with a messy desktop need help to put things in order? The Container Store on Pinterest has a board designed for this shopper too. The store displays its retail items superbly, but it also offers the Pinterest follower easy purchasing capabilities.

The Container Store has done a great job of maintaining its brand on Pinterest, which is why it has over 450k followers. Even Twitter followers are ecstatic over the store’s presence on Pinterest. I only wish The Container Store’s Pinterest shopping profile matched its website layout. Its shopping boards display mainly the office and kitchen categories. I also wish it utilized the sections feature to assist followers in finding specific items more efficiently within a board topic. Overall, The Container Store’s presence on Pinterest is consistent with its online image. It uses Pinterest brilliantly as a facet for brand awareness, KPIs, and sales.  

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